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The Ecovillage Viver Simples maintains a discussion list open to partners and collaborators, allowing knowledge exchange through networking. You're invited to share learnings and experiences with us.

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New Residents

VIVER SIMPLES is a rural condominium with joined ownership of 13 shares of the property.

The investment includes a ownership title of 1/13 of total area (16 hectares), 1/13 of restaurant and total property of a lodge with two rooms (40m2) included in each share as well as the property of the area to build each residential house. The investment to build the house is responsibility of each owner. Architectural project for the residential house have to respect the environmental principles of sustained construction and should be aligned to the project as a whole.

The condominium has a registered legal convention and full environmental license, signed by environmental organs. Until now, all investments on the project came from this joined ownership.

If you are interested VIVER SIMPLES will have the pleasure to send additional information and a formal proposal.